Association of Machine Embroidery

California Association of Machine Embroidery

C.A.M.E.'s primary function is our annual seminar, which is held in April this year in California. Plans have been finalized for 2017 seminar which will be held at Hilton Garden Inn, Bakersfield, April 7th -9th. The seminar is hands on; three days of classes either three hours or six hours in length. We have teachers from all over the country.

The annual membership for C.A.M.E. is $35 (January 1 to December 31). Renewing members who pay after January 1st need to add a $5 late charge. New member fee is prorated on a monthly basis. The membership fee provides a quarterly newsletter, annual roster of members and a copy of the brochure describing the upcoming seminar. The seminar brochure describes all classes, a complete supply list, kit fees (if any) and a pictures of the projects. Members are asked to submit their class registration at a date to be determined. Class schedules are mailed out after that.

We would love to have you join us for our 33rd annual seminar on April 7 - 9th 2017.

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