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Free Motion Sewing Machine Monogramming

To personalize a garment or linens for family and friends, one of the first techniques people want to learn to do is monogram. Having mastered the basics of Free Motion sewing Machine Embroidery, you can easily begin to monogram.

The guide made for the different stitch widths on your sewing machine is a visual guide you will refer to SEE the stitch widths. Numbers are not the same as seeing a width. Shirt, cuffs, collars and other small areas will use 1/4 SW to ½ SW. The sample name sewn here uses 3 SW for capitols and 2 ½ SW for lower case.

The important work here is PRACTICE. ALWAYS make a sample before sewing on the garment. You can fold the sample and check the placement of the monogram. This shows how it will appear. Any changes can be made and ANOTHER sample will be stitched. Written words are ALWAYS stitched as you write. In other words, you cannot sew from back to front.

When stitching cursive, keep the spaces OPEN with letters such as a, b, o, p and q. A h and l in cursive is open at the top. If it’s too hard, just make a straight line. If this is confusing, it will be clear as you stitch cursive words.

Accuracy is number one. This is where MEASURE TWICE, STITCH ONCE is most important.

  1. Start with AL guide lines on paper. The top and bottom of the capitol letters are the height of first guide lines. Then a dotted, a tad above center, is the guide for the lower case letters. The dotted line on the bottom is for letters going below the line such as y, g, etc. Only the BOTTOM LINE is used as the placement GUIDE.

  2. Use a pencil to write or print the name or initials. With a Sharpie Fine Line marker, mark ALL of the lines, dots and letters. Place WSS over the paper design and AGAIN trace ALL the lines, dots and letters with the sharpie. This is the pattern you will spray glue and place on the garment to be sewn.



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